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Instant Hand Sanitizer Rainforest Copaiba Oil 59ml

Instant Hand Sanitizer Rainforest Copaiba Oil 59ml
Asseptgel instant hand sanitizer.  Kills 99.99% of most common germs in under 15 seconds.  Asseptgel replaces the need for soap, water or towel

Asseptgel blends natural water-soluble oils from plants, trees and fruits of the Amazon rainforest with Aloe Vera - an added moisturiser.  Ideal for medical professionals, complementary therapists, commuters, nurseries, schools, universities, restaurants, toilet hygiene and in the home.

Asseptgel forms part of Brazil’s Green Label program putting money back into preserving the Amazon Rainforest

Approved by the Vegetarian Society

Reviews (1)
byTW, November 22, 2006
This is great to keep in your handbag - particularly to help clean your childrens hands before they eat, after the toilet, if they have been touching animals with no mess no fuss and it has a lovely fragrance. A small bit goes a long way - highly recommended.
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