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A Place Called Here

A Place Called Here
Since Sandy Shortt’s childhood schoolmate disappeared twenty years ago, Sandy has been obsessed with missing things. Finding things becomes her goal – whether it’s the odd sock that vanished in the washing machine, the car keys she misplaced or the graver issue of finding the people who vanish from their lives. Sandy dedicates her life to finding these missing people, offering devastated families a flicker of hope. Jack Ruttle is one of those desperate people. It’s been a year since his brother vanished into thin air. Thinking Sandy Shortt could well be the answer to his prayers, he embarks on a quest to find her. But when Sandy goes missing too, she stumbles upon the place – and people – she’s been looking for all her life. A world away from her loved ones and the home she ran from for so long, Sandy soon resorts to her old habit again, searching. Though this time she is trying to find her way home.
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Having read the previous books written by Cecelia Ahern I was sure this would be a good read and I wasn't disappointed. I think the style on this was slightly different to her previous books but it had a great story and is one of the books you just want to keep on reading right to the end (I had many late nights with this one!). The storyline is well thought out and you really get to know the characters and get a good understanding of how certain events have changed their lives.

I would recommend this book, and it's great as a summer read on the beach as well.
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